On Friday, December 9th, we will be selling some used instruments and gear at the Grove House‘s Holiday Market. Here’s a list of some of the items we’re selling. If you have questions or see something you want to buy, get in touch.

Fender Blacktop Jaguar HH – $700

“A classic oldie reinvented as a contemporary rock machine.” – Read full MusicRadar review…
Blackstar HT-5R 5-Watt 1×12 Tube Amp – $250

“It looks cool, costs relatively little, and roars like a bear being poked by a stick – it’s a true ‘Star.” – Read full MusicRadar review…
Carvin AG100D 100W Acoustic Amp – $300

The AG100D 100 watt combo amp delivers full, pristine sound through a tuned-port full-range speaker enclosure. The 3 input channels are individually designed: one for guitar, one for bass, second guitar or other electric instrument, and one for mic, keyboards or other devices.

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