During the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be offering online video lessons in place of your regular, private lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele. These will be at the same time as your regular lessons, but you’ll be able to take your lesson from the comfort of your own home. Drummers, it doesn’t work so well for you so I have some other options for you below.

The Good News

After experimenting with various platforms, we’ve found that Zoom works best for online music lessons. Download and install the app on your computer or ‘phone. You’ll receive and email from us inviting you to your lesson at your regularly scheduled lesson time.

With this tool, we can:

  • Demonstrate things via video chat
  • Let you see my screen
  • Let you hear the audio from my computer
  • Watch you play and give feedback

The Bad News

Some things just don’t work on a video call. For example:

Drums – The audio on Zoom does not work well with short, sharp sounds. Drummers, if you’re interested in learning some guitar or bass for a while, let us know.

Band lessons – It’s really hard to see and hear everyone accurately enough for us to give meaningful feedback.

Jamming – There’s just too much of a delay in the audio for us to play together.

Basically, it’s a bit weird but workable and if you’re willing to give it a shot, so am we. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.


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